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Weighing just 45 grams, the ultra-light Pro 6000 is recognised as the best performing and most affordable micro-headset of its class. It stands out for its incredibly slim design and the unequalled comfort it provides wearers. With the Pro 6000 you could almost be forgiven for forgetting you’re even wearing a headset!

Having passed accelerated aging tests (HALT: Highly Accelerated Life Test), the Pro 6000 is the perfect blend of lightweight materials, ergonomics, acoustic performance and durability.

Ultra-light, ergonomic and robust

Advanced noise filters eliminating 80% of background noise

Well-above standard sound quality

Memory foam earpads with protein leather covering

Adjustable and flexible microphone boom

Protection against acoustic shock

Call centre micro-headsets are often overused. An operator may well rotate the boom over 100 times a day, amounting to a staggering 30,000 rotations a year.

Lexound professional headsets are designed to withstand the harshest usage.

Our microphones can cope with over 200,000 rotation cycles, which represents over 7 years of heavy use.

Lexound micro-headsets flew through several durability tests, including HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test).

The Pro 6000’s microphone uses advanced technology to filter out over 80%
of background noise. Its noise-cancelling system helps to eliminate unwanted
ambient sounds, offering the call recipient crystal-clear reception, whatever
is going on in the vicinity of the call. .


  • Microphone filters out 80% of background noise
  • Flexible boom
  • Microphone boom with 340° rotation

Large memory foam earpads


Lexound memory foam earpads perfectly match the curvature of any human ear with no pressure or overheating. The protein leather covering also contributes to maximum comfort for the wearer.


During a particularly euphoric moment, an operator may well put down his or her headset in a rough or inappropriate manner. This can happen over 10 times a day, which means a minimum of 10 knocks and bumps a day, or over 3,000 a year.

Thanks to its high-strength soldering and new generation gel padding, the Lexound headset can withstand over 20,000 knocks and bumps, which represents over 7 years of heavy use.


Lexound headset sockets are designed to withstand over 50,000 connections and disconnections.

Koshy choudahry (India)

Had used a lot of headsets in the course of my professional journey in call centers but The noise-cancelling feature of PRO 6000 is unprecedentedly amazing.

Ron Evans (UK)(Quality Assurance Manager)

Very comfortable on the ears!!!

Katrine Lawson (UK)

I like how comfortable it is on the ears, you can put it on all day and not feel anything. Well done guys for bringing such headsets to existence!

Lesley Odowd(Ireland) (Lead analyst)

I was advised by a friend of mine to use this headset on Skype, when I got the chance to see all of its amazing features I told my boss about it and now he is buying more of the Pro 6000 for our contact center. Really great Features!

Perfectly adapted to the needs of professional users, the Pro 5000 is available in :

Binaural QD


Monaural QD


Binaural UC

Direct USB

Monaural UC

Direct USB

  • QD : Quick Disconnect
  • UC : Unified Communications, Compatible with :

Kabel USB

USB-Kabel mit integrierter Soundkarte und steuert Lautstärke, Stummschaltung

Kabel RJ9 Lxs

RJ9 multicompatible Kabel mit integriertem Mikrofon Verstärker. Kompatibel mit analogen oder IP-Telefone: Avaya, Cisco, IP-Telefone Alcatel, analoge Telefone

Kabel RJ9 Lxs A

mit integriertem Mikrofon Verstärker. mit integriertem Avaya 16xx et 96xx

Kabel Jack

2.5mm / 3.5mm


Y-Kabel für doppelt abgestimmten

PRO 5000

Sie gilt als die robusteste Headset-Markt, die PRO 5000 Headset Lexound kombiniert exzellente Klangverarbeitung und eine sehr lange Lebensdauer zu einem Preis außergewöhnlich niedrig.


PRO 7000

Call Center benötigen Helme Abschluss einer Vielzahl von Kriterien. Die Lexound PRO 7000-Serie erfüllt zu 100% alle diese Anforderungen ohne Ausnahme. Dieses neueste Modell ist eine perfekte Balance zwischen Design und Leistung.


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