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The LX PRO 7000 is the worldwide leading headset in terms of comfort, audio quality, durability and design. The reinforced aluminum structure raised substantially its strength and lightness.

The PRO 7000 is equipped with a powerful microphone.
The over-sized capsule enabled to fix a very sophisticated noise-cancelling
microphone that cancel background noise and give the conversation
an extreme sonic clarity.

  • Noise-cancelling directional microphone
  • Flexible boom
  • Microphone boom with 300° rotation

Large memory foam earpads

Lexound memory foam earpads perfectly match the curvature of any human ear with no pressure or overheating. The protein leather covering also contributes to maximum comfort for the wearer.

Akshaya Bachchan (Manager)(Indien)

Ive had different headsets over the years, and I was never fully satisfied until my team started using this one. PRO 7000 is just what you need if you want a good solid headset that will give you a crystal clear audio quality, along with an effective noise-cancelling microphone.

Edelia Flores (Tele-marketer)(Mexique)

I am very selective concerning the choice of my headset, being someone who uses a headset about 8hrs/day. Fortunately PRO 7000 met up to every one of my needs, and it really made my life easier. Now I can perfectly hear my customers and focus on what theyre saying instead of everyone else around me in the cubicle world.

Mark Collins (Buyer)(UK)

The sound quality of PRO 7000 is just excellent, and the design is convenient and comfortable. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a highly efficient headset.

Harry Baker (Supply manager)(UK)

This headset is very comfortable and light to wear, easy to work with. In addition to that, the noise-cancelling feature is needed in our office, and ever since we started using the PRO 7000, our clients stopped complaining about the ambient noise.

Perfectly adapted to the needs of professional users, the Pro 5000 is available in :

Binaural QD


Monaural QD


Binaural UC

Direct USB

Monaural UC

Direct USB

  • QD : Quick Disconnect
  • UC : Unified Communications, Compatible with :

cord USB

USB cord with integrated sound card and volume control

cord RJ9 Lxs

RJ9 multi compatible cord with an integrated microphone amplifier. Compatible with any IP or analog device

cord RJ9 Lxs A

compatible cord with an integrated microphone amplifier. compatible cord with Avaya 16xx et 96xx

Jack cord

2.5mm / 3.5mm


Training Y-cord

PRO 5000

Regarded as the most robust headset on the market, the Lexound PRO 5000 combines excellent acoustic performance with a durable life cycle, all for an exceptionally low price.

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Ergonomics, extreme lightness and excellent sound reproduction are undeniable assets of Lexound PRO 6000 known as the most efficient and affordable headset in its category

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