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Lexound is a leading producer of dynamic audio headsets, especially designed to meet the high demands of call centers. Lexound supplies thousands of companies worldwide.

Thanks to our team’s outstanding efforts, 100% of call centers equipped with Lexound headsets continue to be loyal to our brand. Our team has carried out all the necessary innovation so that the audio headset is no longer regarded as a simple commodity.

Lexound has become the first company to design headsets with high durability which have fared exceptionally well in the HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test). Lexound guarantees unmatched acoustic performance. Our clients recognize the unique sonic clarity of our headsets. Our engineers continuously seek perfection in acoustics, design and comfort. For example, Lexound memory foam ear-pads covered by protein leather provide the maximum level of comfort during long working days, even for the most sensitive ears.

Lexound guarantees compatibility with all call center systems. Our alliances and strategic partnerships with major operators and manufacturers have allowed us to develop an ultra-compatible connectivity. Indeed, our RJ9 cords are equipped with a switch and are compatible with all types of phones and software of any brand.

The history of Lexound started in 2004, when Eric Burgan, operational director of an international call center, randomly met Dan Spiegel, CEO of a major acoustic research center. Dan, acoustic engineer, and Eric perfectly knowing the different upcoming flaws of headsets, decided to design together a headset prototype. Their goal was to meet all the requirements of phone platforms. After 2 years of industrial research and testing, they launched a mass production of the first Lexound template, which was highly successful amongst call centers. Boosted by its success, Lexound has kept on a two digits annual growth rate to become an organization with over 200 persons all around the world. Lexound headsets exceed call centers expectations by far. The brand Lexound is now mainly associated to “strength” and “acoustic performance”.

All Lexound products meet the following standards:

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Lexound’s accomplishment is currently shared by a team of over 200 employees. You can be a part of our journey to success. We suggest to you genuine career plans in the following fields:

  • Business
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  • R & D

To apply, please send your application to: hr@lexound.com